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Why Your Company Website Needs a Blog: 5 Compelling Reasons

If you have a business you need a website, and if you have a website you need a blog! This is not optional anymore. If you do not have a blog on your website you are losing valuable traffic and sales to your competitors.

Here are 5 reasons why your company website needs a blog:

Long-Tailed Traffic

Long-tailed Traffic for Your Website

Writing blog posts about current news and events in your industry is a great way to increase long tailed traffic to your website. The main pages of your website should be setup to target your high volume ‘head’ terms, such as “SEO”, “SEO company”, “SEO Toronto“, while your blog posts are aiming to attract longer search queries, such as “search engine friendly anchor text profile”.

Sales Leads

Generating Sales Leads through Blogging

Oh, you think that long-tailed traffic isn’t valuable and you are better off only focusing on head terms? Here at Howbiz Solutions, we have had a numerous sales leads and closed multiple deals from people coming to the website through our blog posts via long-tailed searches. The fact is that blog posts generate income.

Be Recognised as Industry Experts

Becoming an Industry Expert with Blogging

Writing regular blog posts is a great way to increase your knowledge and your staff’s knowledge of your industry. Writing blog posts and sending it out through your EDM and social media accounts will also help your brand to be known as an authority in your industry because you are seen to be informing others of what is going on and what is important.

Fresh Content

Fresh Content for Better SEO Ranking

An important ranking factor to search engines is how frequently your website is updated with fresh content. Publishing multiple blog posts per week will ensure that you are continually keeping your content fresh!

Social Sharing

Social Sharing through Blogging for Increased Website Traffic

If we take a look at the top SEO ranking factors, we can see that social media is an absolute must. Writing interesting blog posts is a great way to attract social media shares to your website! Not only will social shares help your website to rank, but the more shares you get the more people see your post (and visit your website) and any one of those people could be your next client.

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