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Why Do You Need WordPress Website Maintenance?

Everything works when you initially build your website, and it’s all shiny and fresh. But as it gets older and less fascinating, you’ll probably cease giving it the attention it deserves.

Your website, like a car, has to be serviced and oil changed regularly. (Not the oil change, but the routine maintenance.)

Your website will cease working if you don’t keep up with website maintenance, and no one wants that! Maintaining your website regularly ensures that it is functional and in good operating order.

Why Do You Need WordPress Website Maintenance

Here are some of the things I advise for keeping your website healthy, as well as what we do for our clients:

Why Is WordPress Website Maintenance Necessary?

Every day, make a full backup of your website.

Many hosting companies will say that they back up your website completely, but they only do so partially.

You want to be able to rapidly and completely recover your website if it goes down. You don’t want to lose your blogs, photographs, or content; starting over would be a nightmare.

Wordpress Website Maintenance

Daily full backups are required

Compatibility with Plugin Updates.

Check to see if any WordPress security updates or plugins for your website are compatible. Your website comprises various elements and functions, and when they’re modified, they can sometimes conflict with one another. Even though everything appears to be compatible at first, this does not guarantee that it will remain so.

Chrome and Firefox are two examples. When your browser is updated, it may impact your plugin’s ability to function as it did before the update.

Imagine you have a website maintenance company, such as Xourx Web Solutions. In such a scenario, they’ll take care of testing each plugin after each update to ensure that your website continues to perform properly.

It’s not uncommon for a plugin update to have a negative impact on your website’s ability to load quickly or display all of its features. Your website will last longer if you test it beforehand and double-check that everything works properly after the update.

Monitor sure your website is up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You never want to be the one to find out that your website is unavailable. Leaving it to chance can result in it being down for an extended period unless you use it frequently (and even then, any downtime is bad!).

If someone visits your website and receives an error notice, you’ve just lost a sale. People rarely return to a down website; they say that the problem is a broken link and move on. It’s advantageous to have someone monitoring it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and to be able to restore it promptly if something goes wrong.

We understand that many of you rely on website sales to make a living. Please remember to keep it up and to run at all times!

Updates to the website.

Make sure to update your content regularly. Google indexes active websites but ignores those that do not update their content. If you are not active on your website, it will have a bad impact on your SEO.

Consider how you can retain your traffic by adding new content in the form of blogs, podcast summaries, announcements, and so on.

Many of our customers engage copywriters or content creators to ensure that their websites are consistently updated with high-quality, SEO-friendly content. Google rewards this!

Maintaining your website will pay off in the long run.

Consider how much money it will cost to recreate that content and rebuild your site if you don’t have a backup if your site is hacked. It will take a lot more time and money than paying a website maintenance service business a monthly cost.

The user experience is just as critical in terms of keeping customers in mind. You’ll want to make sure you’re up to date on the latest trends. People who weren’t up to date, for example, didn’t modify their mobile experience and lost traffic when Google decided to push mobile-friendly websites ahead in the search rankings. You won’t miss out if you pay attention to the trends.

Website maintenance is just as important as getting your car’s oil changed and serviced regularly. The individual looking at your website and selecting whether or not to choose your business will bounce if it is not functioning properly, if there is a broken link, or if anything is missing.

You never want a potential buyer to leave your website without visiting again.

Make sure you have a site maintenance process in place or hire someone who does.

For a live assessment of your website and to see how regular WordPress maintenance may help you land more customers, schedule a free strategy call.