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Why choose a .ca Domain ahead of .com?

This is a question Xourx Web Design has been asked on many occasions, and we believe opting for a .ca domain ahead of a .com makes a lot of sense for many local Canadian businesses. 

Why choose a .ca Domain ahead of .com

I’ve listed a range of ways we believe choosing a .ca Domain will benefit your business:

  • Proves authenticity – To register a .ca domain, you must prove that you are a registered business name or sole trader to claim ownership.
  • Guarantees Canadian connection – For your business to use the .ca domain name, you must verify a real and substantive connection to Canada.
  • Traceability – .ca can help to ensure that your customers know exactly who they are dealing with.
  • Safety – .ca is one of the safest domains globally, with lower rates of hacking and cybercrime than other domains.
  • Brand Protection –.Ca Domain helps significantly reduce no. of domain disputes. The CIRA themselves have confirmed that in 2021 .com had thousands of domain name dispute claims filed.ca only have modest a few claims.
  • Availability – compared to .com, there is a higher chance that the domain name you want is still available with a .ca address.
  • Search Engine Optimization – if a person uses a search engine extension based in Canada (e.g., google.ca or yahoo.ca), there is a more wonderful circumstance that your business website will be listed on the first result of the Google.

We hope you found this useful and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.