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What is WordPress?

It’s a Content Management System that will help you with your Website Design and  website maintenance and allow you to easily edit your articles and website pages. With WordPress you can keep your blog or website up to date with very small effort. Any average computer user is able to manage WordPress website and this is making this platform so popular.

Why use WordPress ?

What is WordPress


I can easily say that it’s one of the best cms systems in the world. With WordPress plugins you can extend your website functionality with only few minutes. Equip your blog or website with latest technology, social media and many more. WordPress plugins installation is very easy and quick. You can do it in a back end menu and you don’t require any coding knowledge to use it.

Custom Plugin

This is another big plus, if you know php you can write your own custom plugins. That mean there is no border line! You can do anything with it, you just need time and some coding knowledge. Lets say you want to have your own chat, first what i would do is to install few chat plugins and see how they looks. If you don’t like any of the existing plugins then open your php editor and go on, create your own custom plugin. You can find plugins documentation in WordPress Code Refrence.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

I did already mention about it. WordPress is very easy to use, you can setup to post new articles via email or even from your smartphone through special application which was made to co operate with WordPress. The flexibility of WordPress is amazing, it can work for small websites with only few pages but it can be turned into e-commerce online shop and be your online selling point as well. All this great features makes it 1 of the best content management systems in the world.

WordPress vs Others

There are plenty of content management platforms available to use. Lets stick with the open source. I will try to give you 2 oother options that you have: CmsMadeSimpleJoomla. Lets start with CmsMadeSimple then. This is very nice and easy to use cms, it’s based on smarty template which makes it an attractive option. This cms is very close to WordPress when we talk about ease of use, flexibility. The only thing is that the community of cmsms is much smaller than WordPress and you won’t find that many plugins available to use. Joomla is another popular platform. To be honest i don’t like Joomla at all. It’s more difficult to use, more difficult to develop and it’s not user friendly like others, so I am not going to recommend it to you. 


I strongly recommend WordPress as your cms system for your site. It won’t disappoint you! If you need help with WordPress development then do not hesitate to contact us about it.

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