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What are the benefits of SSL certificates?

It may not be in every business’s interest to hold an SSL certificate. Still, it can be important for your business to keep one if you collect sensitive customer information on your website.

If you are wondering what an SSL certificate is, you are not alone. and why it is so important. If personal information is being passed through your website, it’s vital to do whatever you can to secure sensitive personal data against unauthorized viewing.

What are the advantages of SSL certificates?

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a mechanism that works between a user’s browser and the website the user is connecting to. The website is protected by an SSL certificate issued by a reputable authority. in its software. Web browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome) recognize these certificates. When personal info needs to be exchanged, SSL is used to encrypt the information before it is sent and then decrypt it at the other end when received.


If you are looking to see if a website you are browsing is SSL certified, the small padlock icon will appear on the browser screen, and the Web address in their browser starts with HTTPS:// (note the extra “s”) instead of an HTTP://

Here are four benefits of having your website SSL certified:

1. More professional – Any business that wants an SSL certificate for its website has to be checked by the certificate authority that is issuing the certificate.

2. Increase visitors’ loyalty to your site. Website visitors who know their data is protected are more likely to keep coming back. If your website uses account logins with personal data, you should have an SSL certificate in place anyway.

3. Attract more shoppers – If you are selling online, shoppers may check to see if you have an SSL cert as this will provide reassurance, and they may place more trust in your business.

4. Protect your information – SSL protects the data you send and receive, keeping all details secure and safe.