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Web Design Tips for your business 2022

Your business is your unique brand and your brand will be defined by your website. There are countless websites that do not result in having more customers due to fragile website design. Therefore, in this article, we point out some hands-on tips to have better website and improve your business.

Web Design Tips for your business 2022

Web Design Tips for your business

1. Building a plan before building a website

Every project is dependent on its plan. Without a plan, the project is a failure. This is true for website design because your website is the fundamental part of your business and it requires a step by step plan. Here’s a guide to plan for designing your website:

1. Describe the website’s objective — You need to make sure that what your specific goal from creating website is.

2. Predict the user journey through the site — Try to imagine the whole road that visitors take from hitting your site to whichever goals you have in your mind. Bring it on paper and figure it out before doing anything else.

3. Create a palette for your web design  — Having a style considering fonts, colors, and other design features will guide you to stay consistent in your design.

4. Create a plan for site SEO — Search engine optimization play a significant role in every website to bring more traffic to the site. You require to have a cohesive structure of how you plan to optimize the search engine to get more traffic.

2. Sketch your website on the paper

Creating website needs to be done on paper in advance. You require below items:

1. A single pen to draw your site on paper based on design ideas that you got from other websites.

2. Flipcharts or Whiteboard to make the whole thing collaborative.

3. Post it notes to help you brainstorm more ideas for your website

This way, you can sketch your site in a minute to have better understanding of what your website will look like.

3. Don’t forget Web Standards

As web designers you have to Keep in mind that it’s necessary to stick to web principles. Following some fundamental rules on designing websites are so critical. Below you can find some established standards that need to be considered:

1. The brand and design colors should be consistent through al pages within the site.

2. It is better to put the Website logo in the top left corner

3. Have value proposition and call-to-action high up on the homepage

4. Use search feature in the header

These rules are basic rules of designing a website

4. Check your website look on mobile

Today people mostly search sites via cellphones and tablets than on desktop computers and laptops. So, whenever your customer searches your business through internet on phone, your website has to be responsive on mobile presence.

Here is our tip for you to open your mobile first and search for playful and eye-catching websites on your mobile to get fresh ideas for better web design.

All above tips are basically practical to design your website in an efficient way that you can have more customers and visitors on your website.

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