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The Best WordPress Plugins to Get More Traffic to your Website

You might already know that WordPress is a very good platform when it comes to SEO. On the next lines, I’ll show you the right way to go one step further. Let me share with you the best plugins that helped me increase the traffic to my sites. All of these plugins aim to improve the number of visitors not only by helping you get a good position among search engines, but mainly by guiding the occasional reader back to your site… and bring some friends in the process!


Sharebar – Social Media Slider

It allows your audience to easily share your site’s content on the most popular social media. It slides with the page as you scroll down, so it’s very easy to recognize. Use it to encourage your readers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit or via e-mail.

Facebook Social Plugin

One of the most used plugins by bloggers everywhere. It is basically a box inserted on your pages. Its most important feature is to allow your audience to Like your Facebook page without having to leave your site. In addition to that, with this plugin your readers will know at first sight how many people Liked your page on Facebook. Your visitors may be eager to click the Like button if they spot some of their friends among your followers, increasing the overall quantity of Likes in your page.


Optinmonster primary function is to turn your readers into subscribers and customers. This plugin does that with customizable forms that popup when a visitor is about to leave your site. According to the developers’ statistics, 70% of your visitors will not come back to your website. Optinmonster Exit-Intent® Technology keeps track of your audience’s behavior and displays a subscription form just before they are ready to leave. You can try different form styles and evaluate their performance against each other.

Revive Old Post

Formerly known as Tweet Old Post, this plugin aims to keep your old posts alive in order to get more clicks to your website. You can use it to revive your previous posts from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. With Revive Old Post you can set the frequency of your posts, the quantity, add backlinks to your site, include specific hashtags and filter your old and new post by category.

Facebook Comments for WordPress

Just as it sounds, this plugin allows your readers to comment directly on your WordPress page and on Facebook at the same time. Because it is so easy to use, this simple plugin encourages your readers to comment on your content. Definitely the best feature of Facebook Comments is that people who commented on your site can share their thoughts directly on their Facebook feed, making it easier for their friends to find you.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is probably the most loved plugin by content creators on WordPress. According to Yoast, this plugin helps the user improve the quality of the content at the same time it covers all the technical aspects of SEO for WordPress. The first step when using WordPress SEO is to choose a keyword. Then, the plugin will make sure you keep on using this keyword as you write your content. In addition, with this plugin you will be able to actually look at the SEO performance of your content even before it’s posted. The same goes to your titles, descriptions, URLs, tags, and many other aspects. Once you try WordPress SEO, you might consider buying the Premium Edition, which comes with several improvements and additional features.

As you can see, the plugins I showed you here should be enough to cover the main points of your SEO oriented projects. Now, it is true that I don’t use all of them at the same time in all of my sites, but that’s just because different sites need different approaches (different strategies). I have chosen this list of plugins based not only on my personal experience, but also my colleagues’. So, go ahead and give them a try!

One thing to keep in mind at all times when installing these plugins is compatibility. Make sure the plugin you’re interested in is compatible not only with your WordPress version, but also with your theme and especially with your other installed plugins. Most error reports have to do with compatibility issues.

Finally, I will be happy to read about your experience with these and other plugins on the comment section below.

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