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Create quality social video on your mobile phone

Building onsite video doesn’t take fancy gear or state of the art video cameras. In fact it can be done using your mobile phone and decent movie editing software. Video is rapidly becoming more important in social advertising or posting because it quickly grabs the viewers attention. Not only can it bring instant attention, it can also connect your brand with your audience. Some of the top themes for videos are resource materials such as how to, or DIY (do it yourself) these video’s are evergreen and are commonly bookmarked for future reference.

Before producing video for your brand there are a few rules.

Create quality social video on your mobile phone

Rule number 1: Keep the video relatively short. For general video like vlogging or social try to keep the video to 2 min. When filming resource try your best to end the video at 5 min. Emphasize on generating quality first 30 seconds.  Viewers will know within the first 5-10 seconds if they will continue watching or not. With platforms like facebook that push for auto play you have seconds to fish your audience in. So planning is necessary.

Rule number 2: Plan your content, ask yourself questions like;

What expectations does your audience have? Don’t bother creating video if you haven’t invested time and efforts to understand your clients and customers.  Use surveys and psychometrics to discover the interests, needs and wants of your viewers.

What actions do you want your clients to take? Do you want them to take action, do you want them to share or are you simply wanting to educate your client. Keep these questions in mind to make sure your content gives you an explosive return of investment.

If your a small business have fun with the video. Try to keep it down to earth and make it flow. You can bootstrap your thought process by thinking outside the box. Be creative and ask your top clients what they think they would most likely watch if you produced video.

Below are videos filmed with mobile devices. If these don’t convince you that all you need is your phone then I don’t know what will.

If you don’t have enough time to manage your social media channels and need good quality content and video for your presentation you can call us today for a free consultation.

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