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Should You Buy Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes?

Twitter and Facebook have long been social signals SEO experts incorporate into an SEO compaign. When you first start your website, it’s like being the new kid in high school: no friends or followers. You can buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes, but is it worth it?

Should You Buy Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes


The first advantage to buying social presence is that your Klout score immediately goes up. Klout scores don’t mean much to people who don’t closely follow social media data and analytics. Klout is an algorithm that determines someone’s importance in social media. As your Klout score increases, more people talk about you and your social footprint gets stronger. The advantage to Klout is that some people browse through high level Klout users and automatically follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page. In other words, you gain followers from the artificial Klout score. SEO experts also speculate that high Klout score improves search engine results for your name or brand.

A decade ago, no one thought that social media could turn into a job. Now, employers hire people to manage social media by sending Tweets and communicating with customers on Facebook. Social media gives your business a bilateral connection to customers, so you can answer questions quickly online. If you want to get into social media as a career, you need to have a strong social presence online.

Buying Twitter followers is more common than you think. Recent news from the Daily Mail estimated that Barack Obama has about 19.5 million fake Twitter followers. But Obama doesn’t have the negative effect that can come with falsely manipulating Klout scores.


With all of the advantages, there are some disadvantages to faking your social media profile. First,if you run reports or depend on analytics for return on investment (ROI) numbers, you’ll create a large gap in actual versus real numbers. The result is that your ROI won’t be accurate, so you won’t truly know if your social media presence is making an impact on your sales and customers.

Finally, if you get caught, it will ruin your online reputation. While Obama can get away with 19 million fake followers, having fake numbers could have a serious impact on your marketing efforts. Your customers will have reduced trust. If you fake your Twitter followers, what else are you faking? Trust is one vital part of keeping online customers and attracting new ones into buying your product. You don’t want to ruin trust, so getting busted could greatly affect your overall sales potential.

If your competitors find out your social profile is faked, they will likely use that against you when trying to steal your customers. It could also become a nightmare to handle if customers start to pass around the information to friends in online social circles.

If you rely on social media for work, it could ruin your reputation to a point where you won’t be able to work in the business any time in the near future. If you work in social media or plan to in the future, think very carefully before you decide to create fake followers.

As a business owner, social media is one online marketing aspect that can truly boost your sales and potential customers. If done right, social media can be a huge form of traffic for your website. If you decide to buy social media presence, use caution of the possible side effects.

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