Website Audit

With our Website Audit services, you are sure of getting honest and clear feedbacks that if you implement will increase the rankings of your website

Website Audit

Do you have a website and you want to improve the sales and conversations you have with your clients? You need to have a Website Audit done for your site to enable you know the specific guidelines you need to improve your website and know the best strategies you need to have high website rankings. We offer non automated website audits and with our exceptional skills, we are able to perfectly audit any website that is anywhere in the world and provide you the best information you need to take your business to the next level.

Website Audit Toronto

With our Website Audit services, you are sure of getting honest and clear feedbacks that if you implement will increase the rankings your website gets and help you make important business decisions. We are also ready to implement for you any recommendations we offer you. We will discuss, analyze and come up with the best ways the implementation should be done and the services will be exceptional and offered at affordable rates. Whether you want specific or global feedback for your website growth, we will offer you what is best for you in consultations with you regarding what you deem relevant for your business.

Design Feedback

We will audit and present you information regarding how your website design is relevant to your business activities.

Programming Feedback

We will find out if your website is programmed in a way that its performance is at optimum and if it takes the least time to load pages.

Content Feedback

Our Website Audit will look at the content of your webpages; how simple, clear and accessible the message is to your website visitors.

Usability Feedback

We find out if your website is easy to use and easily directs your visitors to the important pages you need them to see.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

We will study your website and find out if it is SEO optimized to enable it be recognized by search engines.

Current Website Review

We will review your website as it is and find out how relevant its content is, what information can be got from it and present you the necessary changes you should implement to make it more effective.

We can offer excellent services to both big and small whether you are just starting your business or looking to improve it, we guarantee you exceptional Website Audit services that will help you make strategic decisions that are sure to greatly increase your company’s growth.

Frank Lumsden
Frank Lumsden
Howbiz Solutions was fantastic to work with and could improve our SEO. They were so knowledgeable
John Thomas
John Thomas
after having different web designers and built, this is our best result by far, website looks amazing, fast and easy to use, they are easy to communicate with and very representative, highly recommended
Keith Laurenza
Keith Laurenza
Very impressed with the service, happy to recommend to anyone

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