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Redesign your Website

There are so many potential reasons why an organization may redesign your website. It may simply be because their website is not optimized for conversions, the design is outdated, or the website isn’t responsive for mobile. Since every organization differs in goals, there is no simple strategy for the success of a business. It can be helpful to define the core objectives of your organization and work to achieve these through your website.


If you are considering a website redesign, there must be some genuine reasons. You may require increasing brand awareness to create client loyalty, or you may want to convert more visitors into customers. 

These questions below will help give you a good indication of whether a website redesign is suitable for your business.

1. Are you getting enough traffic for the website?

2. Why are your visitors not converting to customers?

3. Whether your visitors are being directed correctly?

4. What is the loading time of your website?

5. Are your visitors getting what they are looking for

It’s also crucial to analyze your current website. Figure out what it is you like and dislike about the present site. Establishing Key Performance Indicators will help you establish your website design basic strategy.

Some important metrics to benchmark are:

– SEO ranking

– Traffic

– Bounce rate

– Visitor usage

– Conversion rate

– Total amount of sales/inquiries

Remember that these metrics can help you determine your website’s KPIs and its return on investment. You must check more metrics based on your organizational goals.

After checking all these metrics, you must find where the critical faults lie and try to fix them first in redesigning.

Set specific goals for the redesign

Since you know the reasons behind upgrading your site, interpret those reasons into significant objectives. What does achievement look like to you, and how might it be measured? Organize key targets and attach them to a particular achievement metric, for example, “to increase webpage traffic by 50% in the following nine months.”

By outlining the critical reasons for redesigning your website, analyzing the pitfalls and performance of your current website, and by defining your KPI’s and what goals you want to accomplish from a website redesign, we believe this will help you decide if a website redesign is suitable for your business and in turn, can help lay a foundation for planning out your website’s redesign.