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Quickest way to build backlinks from the top 11 most popular websites

To get to the top of the Google Search Engine – or any other search engine – you need to develop the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog.
You need to be an SEO expert – on-page, off-page and all other tactics. At the same time, developing the best quality backlinks will help secure those top search engine ranks.

Quickest way to build backlinks from the top 11 most popular websites

What back links can do, there are several ways to create back links, and today I want to talk about the best method to build PR9 backlinks to the most popular social networking sites. They are called backlinks because Google ranks these targeted websites at a

Popular social networking sites with these 9/10 ranks are great for your SEO checklists, and they are the best places to get your website noticed. Creating backlinks to your page from the PR9 sites will improve your website ranks. Use their high ranks to promote your own site by referring back to your blog from them. This will give your site added authority and some special advantages.
“dofollow” and “nofollow”
The best way to create these backlinks are “dofollow” and “nofollow” links. To create rankings, Google sends out crawlers to search sites for particular words and links to other pages and the backlinks from another page. “Dofollow” coding will get these links noticed by Google, while the crawlers will pass over “nofollow” codes. In HTML, dofollow is the default code for links. It requires adding nothing special to the language. For “nofollow” the HTML coding will include a command showing that link should not be counted in a ranking.
As a note, you may wonder why anyone would use nofollow? The primary reason is to reduce regular span and comment spam on your site, though some will still get through. For example, Wikipedia no follows all the source links posted as sources on their pages. But nofollow links still have value. If they are seen, they will still bring awareness to the reader.

Creating backlinks

Of course, great content is the best way to get your site noticed and moved to the top rankings, but you can improve your odds of getting there by building in these PR9 backlinks. The most direct way to create these backlinks to make comments or create a profile page. You may even offer a guest post. Look at the ranking statistics of these sites and consider how they will build traffic to your site.
To get you started on building your site’s popularity, let’s look at the top 10 social networking sites and discuss simple ways to create backlinks to your blog on the popular sites.

No. 1 – Facebook
Once you log on to your Facebook account, go to “Add Static HTML to Page” link. Visit your Facebook page and click the “Welcome” option. Find and click on the “Edit” tab and remove the file, index.html. In its place, add your blog’s link in the following format: <a title=check out href=https://yourblogname.com target=_blank rel=dofollow>Your Blog Name</a>.Finally, click on “Save and Publish.” Check out the result by going back to the “Welcome” section.

No. 2. – Pinterest
First, create a Pinterest account. It’s free. While creating your account, add the URL for your blog in the details section. Verify that it’s correct by inserting the code into the header of your website.

No. 3. – Linkedin
Create your account and add your personal information including a link to your site. Linkedin will give you a dofollow backlink. Once you share some posts, you then will get a “nofollow” for your shared post from their platform.

No. 4 – YouTube
Once you sign in to your YouTube channel, verify your account. Then submit your website to Google Webmaster tools. After that, go YouTube’s Advanced Setting page. Finally, add your blog’s or website’s link into the Associated Section.
Tips: The third most popular website, YouTube is the leading video site in the world. With an Alexa rank of 3 and a PR9 status, YouTube can be an important way to get backlinks.

No. 5 – Flickr
First, register an account with Flickr. Next, go to “Edit Your Profile Information” and add the URL for your site or blog to this section. Also, add your link into the “About Yourself” description area.

No. 6 – VK.com
Create a Vk.com account, and complete the details in the profile section. Place your blog or site link in the “Contact Information” area.
Tips: This is Europe’s largest social network. It works like Facebook, but lacks those “pay to boost post” drawbacks.

No.7 – Mozilla.org
From the Mozilla browser, visit the Mozilla website at https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/users/register and create an account. Add details to your account and submit a “Sign Up” form. Once you verify and activate your account, log on to your profile. When you add a short Bio on the homepage, add a link to your site.
Tips: Mozilla has worked hard to get its browser to where it fluctuates between the No. 2 and No. 3 most popular browser worldwide.

No. 8 – Adobe.com
Once you’ve created an Adobe account, visit the profile page. On the Adobe Forum, post on a few threats about problems with your site’s link. Talk about some real issues to generate some interest. This is not a surefire way to get a backlink, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.
No. 9 – Wikipedia

Begin by creating a free account on Wikipedia. When you edit your profile, add the link to your site or blog into the “Signature” section.
Tips: A nofollow Wikipedia link can be much more valuable than many other blog strategies. Google holds a lot of respect for Wikipedia links.

No. 10 – WordPress.org and WordPress.com
To get started register at http://wordpress.org/support/. When you create your profile, include your website or blog address. To get more exposure, become a support and offer advice in the support section of the forum for other clients with problems. Add a link to your blog or page that will help them solve their problem.
Wordpress.com is different from wordpress.org, even though they were built by the same team. The dot com is free while wordpress.org charges. Set up a wordpress.com account and publish a 300 word blog post. Then link it to your regular blog or site.

No. 11 – Opera
Go to https://link.opera.com/loginfront/ and create a profile. Insert the address of your website or blog in the profile and then start participating a forum section.
Tips: Opera may not be a popular browser, but it has many features you won’t find on other browsers. Opera is still PR9 rated and creates a nofollow backlink.

Using these tips to get backlinks on to some of the best PR9 sites will boost the popularity of your site.

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