PPC Management Toronto 

Pay Per Click solution fitted to your business

What you'll love about our PPC strategies

Instant exposure

With PPC, you appear right away. No waiting around for 6 months while your content gets indexed – just set a budget, create your ads, and see an immediate ROI. This is what makes PPC marketing an obvious and popular digital marketing channel when ‘quick wins’ is the name of the game.

Highly targeted advertising campaigns

Our PPC management specialists can help you target the exact people you’d like to advertise to. By collaborating with our national network via Toronto Digital Marketing Agency, we’ll create a smart pay per click strategy that involves any combination of geographic, psychographic, demographic and interest-based targeting (among others).

Powerful tools for brand re-engagement

Keeping an existing customer is 5 times cheaper than attaining a new one. Retargeting is a crucial tool for retention, as it serves as a shortcut for re-engaging people who are already familiar with your brand. We conduct retargeting strategies (including Google remarketing) on a deeper level than other PPC agencies, who tend to only focus on visitors of particular pages. We retarget to custom audiences (built from CRM data) and audience pools based on onsite engagement.

Data-driven decisions

There’s no driving in the dark here. We use historical figures and well-educated projections to shine a headlight on the best PPC marketing road for us to take while steering your campaigns.

Detailed, tailored reporting and analysis

Every client has different KPIs and business goals. So we refuse to use a cookie-cutter report template. Instead, we customise our reporting to your needs, ensuring the documents you receive are easy to understand. Our reports feature actionable insights that are designed to continuously improve your PPC management strategy.

DAN proprietary software

We’re backed by Toronto Digital Marketing Agency,. This global business has developed several pieces of proprietary software we can use to optimise our PPC campaigns. We also have tier 1 partnerships with Facebook and Google. These give us access to exclusive betas, additional support, and opportunities for world-class training with these providers.

Friendly, dedicated account managers

We know you’ll love the results you get from our PPC management. And we know you’ll enjoy working with our people too. Your friendly account manager is always just an email or call away to answer questions and make suggestions.

Training workshops

Want to learn more about PPC marketing while working with us? Just ask! We’re more than happy to prepare and organise a workshop to help develop your own understanding of this field.

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