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Why Your Business Should Work With Bloggers  

We know that blogging is more than an online journal or an outlet to chronicle creative endeavours. Blogging is serious business, and the bloggers behind each online space hold more power than ever before. A strategic collaboration between your business and a blogger, or a collective of bloggers, can create a return on investment beyond your wildest expectations. Sure, it can be a gamble, but more and more businesses are prepared to take the risk and work with bloggers rather than relying on traditional advertising streams.

Targeted Audience

Established bloggers have earned themselves a loyal following because of the quality content and genuine point of view they express on their blog. As a result, their audience is segmented to a particular niche and demographic that relates to the blog’s content. Finding a blog that is established and operating in your niche gives you direct access to hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers who fall into your primary target market.

Cost Effective

Collaborating with a blogger is often cheaper than traditional advertising and marketing streams that operate in the mainstream media, such as billboard, television and print ads. As partnering with a blogger gives you direct access to the niche community they have created, all finances used in the campaign will go directly to reaching your target market without wasting it on people who the marketing message will not impact. Obviously blogs with a large following have the potential to charge hefty fees for sponsored content and brand collaborations, however the benefits far outweigh the original investment.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Bloggers have garnered enormous publicity power in the consumer market and their role as influencers has put them on par with celebrity endorsements and sponsorship deals. With the power of influencers continually on an upwards trajectory, engaging a blogger to promote your business is sustainable for short and long term campaigns as you head into the future.

Creative Campaigns

Whether a blogger is a self-taught professional or someone who has had experience in the industry, all are undeniably good at creating worthy content. Whether it be text, graphics, images, video or audio, or a multimedia combination of the 5, bloggers know what content works the best on their blog, and also what resonates most with their audience. Allowing a blogger to have creative control of the campaign, with approval, means your business is investing in a creative, targeted, interesting and informative campaign that is conducted from a personal point of view. Consumers appreciate that and are more likely to connect with the blog (and your brand!) in the process.

Encourages Engagement

Finally, a blogger’s livelihood and success is dictated by their followers and how much, or little, they are engaged with the blog and its content. As a result, bloggers strive to foster communication and engagement among the community they have created, so you can be assured that your brand will not be blatantly pushed in front of potential customers.

Increasingly, bloggers are becoming a powerful player in a brand’s marketing and advertising strategy and engaging the blogging community can be an extremely effective way to get ahead of your competitors. Whether it be a one-off collaboration or part of an ongoing partnership, bloggers can be key to business success and brand awareness in the digital age.

As indicated in this blog post, bloggers may help you reach your target market and raise brand awareness at a low cost. Yet, a successful online presence requires more than partnering with bloggers. Search engine optimization (SEO) can boost your website’s search engine rankings and organic traffic.

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