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Optimizing your App

Having previously launched an app, ForFit, on the Appstore, we understand how difficult it can be to stand out from the crowd. There are over 4 million apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, so that it can be a challenging task.

Here is a range of different methods we used to optimize our App in the Appstore to help boost downloads. Many of these methods we weren’t aware of when we initially released the App but proved helpful when they were later implemented –

Optimizing your App

1) The App’s Name should be creative and informative

Including the title of your App alongside two or three descriptive keywords can help potential customers find your App easier. So instead of ‘ForFit,’ we changed the name to ‘ForFit – Fitness Motivation’ helped increase interest.

2) Always include a description

Most of the time, users may need an app for some particular function, but they may not be sure which App to download for the same. In such cases, the description option in the app store comes in handy. Reading the App description will help the users know what your App does, and it will also decrease the chances of uninstalls as the users know about the App well before downloading it.

3) Have an original app icon

An app icon and the App’s name are the ones that catch your users’ eyes quickly. Make sure that your App’s icon is designed from scratch – our Creative Director, Niall, designed our App’s icon from scratch. Also, do not make it too elaborate or complicated. Please keep it simple, unique, and attractive, and ensure the icon breaks through the clutter. It’s also worth noting that the play store and the App Store have varying standards in terms of size, geometry, and color scheme of app icons, so design the icons accordingly. The iOS icons should be sized to at least 1024×1024 pixels, and the Google Play requires a 512×512 hero.

4) Use Screenshots tactfully

This is your chance to capture the attention of your potential app users. To make a visitor download your App, you must place screenshots tactfully in this section. You can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS app and eight for an Android one. However, only two or three screenshots will appear when the page loads in the gallery.

5) Update your App regularly

Your mobile apps will also need regular updates and upgrades like any other software. If you launch your App and forget it, your users will download it and fail or uninstall it. It’s also important to listen to current customers’ feedback as you will then have no shortage of ideas on how to update your App.

6) Encourage your users to review and rate you

It can be helpful to nudge your users to rate your App gently. This will always help in increasing your views. Furthermore, do not ignore negative reviews, but pay attention to what was wrong in the users’ experience and fix it.

Thanks for reading our latest piece. We hope you found it informative and valuable. We update our blog every week, so check back soon for more blog posts.