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How to Make Your E-commerce Store to Attract Return Customers?

Customer retention is critical, no matter what your line of business is.

Most of us know that acquiring a new customer might cost five times as much as retaining an existing one.

Furthermore, although a new customer has a 27 percent likelihood of purchasing again, an old customer has a 54 percent chance of doing so.

How to Make Your E-commerce Store to Attract Return Customers

The latter is likewise more inclined to spend more money. Customer retention is critical if your business wants to be successful in the retail and eCommerce industries in the long run.

converting prospective customers into long-term customers.

When we add Coronavirus to the mix, we are confronted with unprecedented economic conditions and competition.

Good customer service is essential for converting potential customers into long-term buyers and is one of the keys to business success.

All eCommerce marketing strategies should prioritize customer acquisition and retention.

The average eCommerce shop spends 80% of their overall marketing budget on eCommerce marketing strategy, but how can they be sure they’re receiving excellent value for money?

You may believe that you are secure since you already give excellent customer service, but are you sure this is sufficient to keep buyers coming back for more?

You must go deeper to understand the customer’s digital journey and simplify it to decrease friction.

If you run an eCommerce website, abandoned shopping carts are a red flag that something is amiss.

You must follow specific eCommerce SEO and website suggestions to improve your web design for eCommerce and web design for retail.

Customer loyalty and digital customer service

The essence of the issue is customer loyalty and how to instil it. Request assistance from your website designer by improving the website’s user experience (UX) in the following ways:

  • Make the customer journey pleasurable by delivering a unified digital experience.
  • Increase creativity by making the website visually appealing and memorable.
  • Improve page speed optimization. One second of load time over 3.5 seconds might result in a loss of up to 7% of conversions.
  • Make sure the checkout procedure is as simple as possible. Don’t add unnecessary information to fill out, such as fax numbers, as this may annoy the consumer and cause them to abandon their basket.
  • Include several calls to action, such as a live chat option and a clear ‘Contact Us’ page.
  • Page layouts have been improved.
  • Improve the site’s general functionality.

How to improve online retail websites:

You can see from the numbers above why repeat customers are so crucial. So, how can you keep this kind of customer satisfied? Here are some valuable tips to discuss with your eCommerce website developer:

  • Encourage new customers to register : Because some customers may abandon the basket if they are forced to register, always include a ‘guest checkout’ option. However, if you can persuade the buyer to register, you may improve the customer experience by allowing speedier checkout and sending relevant marketing emails. Consider providing an incentive, such as special offers and discounts.
  • Maintain contact by email : after your customer has agreed to receive emails from you, make use of this. Send relevant, personalized notifications about new items and offers. Provide enticements to return, such as time-limited discount vouchers. This will entice them to return.
  • Give something unique :stand out from the crowd with exciting packaging, handwritten remarks, or a sprinkling of glitter or dried flower petals, depending on your product. Make use of your creativity.
  • Don’t let that cart escape : make sure your website notifies you when a cart is abandoned and that an email is instantly sent to the potential customer. Add an incentive, such as a discount or free delivery.
  • Gather feedback : a simple pop-up star rating would suffice. More than this, a poll may irritate viewers and add an incentive to pique people’s interest. Improve digital customer service by soliciting feedback.
  • Don’t forget about social media : your eCommerce site should be linked to your social media accounts. Make your business accessible and answer inquiries swiftly to boost eCommerce customer service.
  • Post blogs : on your eCommerce site, post relevant, high-quality blogs. Customers are more inclined to read and return to the new content when they know it will bring value. Talk to a professional eCommerce SEO service provider about how you can employ content marketing to boost your eCommerce SEO results with Google.

Emphasis on retail and eCommerce website design

Customers will return to make repeat purchases if you ensure that your eCommerce site is performing its magic and apply all of the above, as well as SEO for eCommerce.

Talk about eCommerce website design with your eCommerce web design agency today.

Implementing some of the above tips will increase trust and brand loyalty, strengthen customer connections and convert one-time customers into long-term repetitions.

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