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Looking for the right Agency

This blog post is related to our first blog post published in January, ‘How to choose the best Web Design Agency.’ In this article, I will talk you through three easy methods an any small business can use when searching for the ideal Web Design company to work with.

Looking for the right Digital Marketing Agency

Online reviews –

When heading to a restaurant for the first time, one of the first things many people do is check out their reviews online. When looking for the best Web Design Company or Agency for your business, checking the Agency’s online reputation can help paint a picture of what they are like to work with. You can quickly scan an agency’s Facebook Page to check their reviews or browse through their Google reviews. The Web Design Company may even have a testimonial section on their website. If they don’t have any available, we recommend asking them for several references from clients similar to your small business. Any agency worth your time and money will be more than happy to supply you with this info.

Search Engine Optimization 

One would assume that a Web Design or Digital Agency that understands SEO best practices would have a website that ranks for their keywords. While not showing up in the #1 result on Google for “best web development company” shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, a quick search for the Agency’s name that doesn’t show up until page four should set off some alarms for your business.

Request project quotes

From multiple Web Design agencies. If one is significantly out of line with the other agencies, ask why and do some more research. If you’re in the process of collecting website design quotes, we’ll be happy to provide you with one – www.xourx.com.

Thanks for reading our latest post, and we hope to have more articles posted in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.