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How to measure eCommerce customer engagement

We have heard of eCommerce customer engagement here and there, how important it is to eCommerce success and how to enhance it by various marketing campaigns. But what exactly is customer engagement, and how can eCommerce businesses measure it? Keep reading to find out.

measure eCommerce customer engagement

What Is ECommerce Customer Engagement?

Chances are you already know what customer engagement is, right? Here is our definition of it: customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between eCommerce companies and customers, and customers with each other. It is highly correlated to brand loyalty, or customers who are more engaged with a brand and loyal to it.

You Can Measure ECommerce Customer Engagement

While it is a difficult job to calculate the overall customer engagement depth, you can measure it on a campaign-by-campaign basis. A third-party web analytics tool will allow you to compare engagement depth and degree on your site as a whole, or by channel. Some KPIs to follow include click-through rates (CTRS); these measure upper-funnel campaigns. CTRS allows you to see how many people click on your ad or through your email campaigns. Therefore, it shows you the effectiveness of those campaigns. Cost per click is another basic KPI, one that allows you to see how much you pay for each click. That reflects the effectiveness of your campaign.

You’ll also want to measure customer engagement by evaluating the following on your website:

  • Bounce rate
  • Goal funnel abandonment
  • New versus returning visitors
  • Average session duration
  • Pageviews per visit

A Few More Thoughts…

For eCommerce websites, conversions and revenue alone aren’t enough. It’ll be the engagement with the brand that builds the depth of relationship with a consumer. That, in turn, delivers long-term loyalty and prosperity.

By examining these engagement metrics, you should get a better idea of how your marketing efforts are performing.

Getting the right audience to your website is a fundamental step to make future engagement possible. It will help you reach the future customers who come to your website to browse, buy, come back and engage with other customers on a topic of your brand! I hope you’ve enjoyed taking the time to learn more about eCommerce customer engagement. Do you want to continue the conversation? Contact our team so we can work together to improve your eCommerce customer engagement since it’s what our team does best.  

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