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How to Make Mobile E-commerce Simpler for Consumers

For consumers, browsing through online stores on smartphones can be quite a tedious process. It often results in frustration due to long load times, complicated web forms, hard-to-navigate websites, poor organization, and other factors that contribute to why your mobile eCommerce website fails to keep the consumer’s attention due to difficulties in the overall experience. Mobile eCommerce is still a relatively new concept, and there are still many kinks for many companies that practice it have to face every day. Mobile marketing is essential and a massive area for companies to tap into since more and more people are using smartphones for browsing and mobile apps. This is why it is necessary not to fall into companies with poorly designed mobile websites. Here are a few suggestions that may help while creating your mobile e-commerce website:


Make sure that the type of navigation you have is versatile enough to suit everyone. Some people are swipers, and some people are searchers. People who love to swipe will appreciate the ability to lift through graphics and deals available. People who like to search will enjoy a working search bar that will take them directly to the product or page that they were looking for.

Use Special Features

Ensure that your mobile eCommerce website makes good use of all the beautiful features of mobile commerce, such as shopping carts for mobile, barcode readers, geo-targeting, and so on.

Have a nice design

Ensure that your eCommerce website has an appropriate and easy-to-navigate design, with large graphics where they are necessary and simplified content so that it all fits neatly within the screen. Make sure buttons are responsive and correspond with the needs of a person browsing on a smartphone. Check how well your website works across a wide variety of technologies such as smartphones (both iPhones and Androids) as well as tablets and iPads. It also helps to do a test of completing a purchase. Another great idea is to browse through other eCommerce websites, such as with more significant brand names and see what the competition is doing. Finally, remember, it is all about the consumer experience!

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