I must first highlight that, even though, this strategy can provide an interesting boost to traffic, it won’t (directly) affect your SEO ranking due to the “no follow” attribute it has. However, I noticed that thanks to that increase in traffic, visitors shared some of my content; which led to a slightly better positioning in search engines.

As you can see, this a very powerful strategy that will provide awesome results if done properly. On the next lines, I’ll share a useful process to increase your site’s traffic through Yahoo Answers.

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

First, post relevant questions

If you have read my previous articles, you might already know that SEO marketing is all about being relevant for your target audience. This strategy follows the same approach. Before posting a question, perform a brief research in order to find relevant topics with many answers and also relevant topics with very few and incomplete answers. Save the URLs of this last group of questions! Below I will explain why.

Make a list with possible questions related to your niche that are still missing in Yahoo Answers, then start posting them one by one.

Then, provide relevant answers to your own questions

You can get someone else to answer those questions or you can try by using another account. Whether you choose one option or the other, just add a link to your website at the end of your answer.

One very important thing that you must know is that you need a level 2 account before being able to add links to your answers, so you might want to build a reputation on Yahoo Answers before applying this strategy in full.

I believe you find this process to be extremely easy, right? And it certainly is. What I have described is the core of the strategy. However, in order to get awesome results, consider following the next guidelines.

Post questions the right way

Through your research, you want to find those questions that are very common and also those that don’t exist. Find both opposite sides of questions, but make sure they all relate to your niche. Make two lists: one with the most common questions and another one with the missing ones. Once you have a good number of questions, ask yourself: “How does my content give useful answers to these questions?” Then, mark the questions that can be easily answered with a visit to your blog. Those questions are the ones you should post. Keep in mind that the unmarked questions could give you an idea on which kind of content you should develop later on.

Provide answers the right way

Providing high-quality answers is the goal of the whole Yahoo Answers site, so I definitely encourage you to follow this path.

Start by answering your own questions. Remember, you can do that with a different account or with the help of someone else to do it for you. If you are not in a rush to get results by using this strategy, I suggest you create and manage an account to answer to all kinds of questions.

Once you are done with your own questions, it’s time to look for other people’s unanswered questions. If you followed my advice on having your own account in order to provide solutions, your first and main goal should be reaching level 2 account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to include links in your answers. It is true that this may take some time to achieve, but if you start answering one question at a time, you will help yourself build a reputation for your account.

Make sure to provide in-depth solutions. The key for this strategy to work is making your answers stand out. You will get this accomplished by writing a good amount of text and showing that you really master in the subject. Add the most relevant facts in the question and invite everyone else to keep on reading about this subject on your blog or website.

Final comments on this strategy

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this linking strategy won’t help your site climb higher positions on search engines, at least not directly. You may find this strategy falls within the category of Link Building, however, due to the “no follow” attribute, this is not exactly the case. See Yahoo Answers as a potential traffic booster and also as a place to gather ideas for interesting content in your website. Again, you won’t get any direct improvement on search engines, but once in a while, your questions and answers will reach the right people.

Good luck with this strategy.