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How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Who would say no to more traffic on their website? Generating website traffic and lead generation are the main factors which lay the foundation for SEO. Bloggers and article writers search for key terms to make their page(s) available in search results. There is no need for the hassle when you can generate backlinks from Wikipedia, one of the most credible, authoritative and popular sources of information today.
Here is a summary of information provided in this article:

  • How to get Wikipedia backlinks
  • How to increase website traffic
  • How to get a better position in natural search results

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

Backlinks on website articles, blogs and journal articles are not as powerful as Wikipedia. Today, natural search results on Google mostly contain a Wikipedia backlink. Wikipedia information is very popular and widely accepted by users. A Wikipedia backlink is not an average backlink. It provides an excellent opportunity of growth for your website.

What are the Key Target Areas

What to target? When working with Wikipedia, it is necessary to identify the area which needs to be targeted. Wikipedia allows anyone to access and edit the information available. What one must look for is a “dead link” or “missing citation”. The large amount of material gives one an opportunity to find a missing citation or a broken link and fix it. This was once a manual laborious job requiring large quantities of time.

What Makes it Fast and Easy?

Wikipedia offers an amazing tool known as Wiki Grabber. This website is easily accessible and can be used to search for any missing citation or dead link using keywords. Wiki Grabber catches articles having dead links or missing citations relevant to search terms and displays them as results.

How to use Wiki Grabber?

Wiki Grabber is an easy-to use tool which can be used to do a variety of searches by just entering relevant keywords. I will be using the term “Social media” for the purpose of explanation here. Any word relating to your piece of writing can be entered.

You need to enter your keyword and click on the “Search” button. Search results will appear.

Using a Link from Wiki Grabber

There is a huge list of Wikipedia pages that appeared as a result of my search. All results displayed contained either a dead link or a missing citation which was mentioned in front of them. A screenshot showing few results can be found below.

“Citation needed.” has been mentioned in Yellow coloured boxes, whereas, “Dead link” was mentioned in a red coloured box. There is a filter option available to choose the areas you wish to fix. I have selected a page which is named “Use of social network websites in investigation”. Open the desired link by clicking on it. Search for the part that needs to be fixed.

How to create a Wikipedia account?

The top right corner of Wikipedia window shows option for creating an account. Create your account. The process is simple and quick. Create a free account to enter the huge community of writer and editors.

How to Manage a Wikipedia account?

After creating an account use Wiki Grabber to fix at least 2-3 Wikipedia articles. Remember the process of editing gets approved by a human so you need to have a strong account history. If you do not have a relevant article that can be used to fix some broken link, create a new one. After approval you can share the links of all articles fixed by you on your website.

How to Edit a Document?

Editing a document on Wikipedia is a simple process. Click on the “Edit” option next to the part you wish to edit.

Clicking on the edit link will bring you to an HTML window as shown below:

The window contains information in that particular portion of the page. Make the changes that you want to the document. Enter the link to your article or blog from where the information is being entered and click on the “Save page” option to save changes. All changes go through an approval process so you need to wait for approval. Use your time in finding new articles that need to be fixed.

What else can be done?

Start creating and editing broken articles relating to your area of expertise. The more articles you fix, the stronger your Wikipedia profile becomes, which supplements approvals for all changes you make on Wikipedia pages. You can link articles and blogs of other writers also. It would also contribute to your profile and number of documents edited. You can also make your article appear on various Social Media channels and different information websites. Ensure you add relevant keywords to each article. This would increase visibility of your article in natural search results.

What to do now?

Make sure to not delay the process. Take advantage of the opportunity Wiki Grabber is providing. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Create a Wikipedia account
  2. Manage your account well
  3. Use wiki Grabber to find dead links or missing citations
  4. Go to the concerned link and select the part you wish to change.
  5. Enter information from your Article, blog or Web page and insert the link (Or create a blog with relevant information)
  6. Save changes and wait for approval
  7. Enjoy the backlink and repeat the process to create more.

Have a happy backlinking experience!

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