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Expanding your marketing reach through Pinterest

As a business, you probably know how essential it is to be present on many social media platforms, but it seems that not every business out there takes this seriously. If you’ve been struggling in the last few months and you want to know how Pinterest could help you effectively market your business, then you may want to pay close attention to the article below. That’s because we’re going to take a good look at some of the strategies you can consider to build a successful Pinterest presence.

Expanding your marketing reach Pinterest

Boost Brand Authority

Did you know that a lot of businesses out there want to establish authority in their field? This is a very common goal for a lot of businesses on Pinterest. For example, suppose you’re a computer business. In that case, you could position yourself on Pinterest as an authority in the computer industry by creating Pinterest boards where you offer your followers educational and useful info. At the same time, though, you should also promote your products in creative and fun ways.

The good news is that you don’t even have to create all the content you plan on pinning on Pinterest. That’s because there’s already a good amount of content on the internet that you can pull from various authoritative sources and therefore have the peace of mind you’re sharing useful, accurate and up-to-date information with your followers.

Expanding on the computer industry example, you may want to post some videos from your YouTube account and resources from industry experts. You could also create a board that focuses on solving common computer problems that people run into when browsing the web, installing new hardware and so forth.

As for pinning content from other sources, make sure that you only post helpful and relevant posts. By doing so, your audience will believe that you’re the go-to place for accurate info concerning your subject. In time, this will help you increase authority, build trust and eventually increase client loyalty and referrals from brand advocates.

Pair Your Release with an Infographic And Then Pin It

If you plan on launching a new service or product, how about you include a relevant infographic along with it? This is an excellent way to give news outlets and media a visual that nicely aligns with your story. If you have no inspiration about how to do this, then have no worries since there are already plenty of wire service websites out there that you can check for ideas.

And while it may sound obvious, it’s important to reinforce that you shouldn’t embed your infographic in your E-mail or run it with your wire release. After you upload it on Pinterest, you should follow up by adding a hyperlink to the complete release with a few keywords and a summary.

Create a Pinterest Newsroom

Did you know that you can easily create a corporate newsroom pinboard if you just want to pin a single press release? This is a great way to showcase it along with your other news/media assets. By doing so, you can enhance your website’s newsroom with fresh material or just mirror it.

On top of using infographics and press releases, your newsroom pinboard may include logos, executive headshots, video, expert opinion comments, but also short pitches, maybe some company blog posts and also news clips. One thing to keep in mind is that whatever you plan on pinning to your newsroom, it needs to be high quality, be able to garnish interest and attract clicks.

Executive Staff Pinboard

Did you know that executive staff pinboards are an excellent way to increase your audience and build awareness and trust? The executive staff pinboard can link headshot photographs to content such as bylined articles, biographies and other types of content that prove their credibility as a trusted and competent resource. For even better results, make sure that you link their name directly to their pinboard when you plan on quoting them in a PR.

Create Pinboards That Match Your News Topic or Infographic

By doing so, you can capitalize on search traffic and eventually create a natural platform for your infographic or news. For instance, if you have a PR about a new clothing store, you should create a pinboard that’s relevant to fashion. The majority of people are interested in dressing appropriately regardless of the event, so a pinboard on “The best clothes for a casual look” or “The perfect wardrobe for a night out with the girls/boys” can easily target your audience and complement the topic of your infographic/PR.

Use the Keywords Optimized In Your PR to Optimize Your Pin

When it comes to search engine optimization, it goes hand in hand with Pinterest. Many people are leveraging Pinterest to increase traffic to their websites, and there are cases when your boards can rank in as little as forty-eight hours for hard-to-rank keywords. Therefore, if you want to make sure your pin goes viral or at least garnishes a lot of attention, you must include keywords along with it.

You can increase your news results even more when optimizing your pins for the same keywords used in your PR. How’s that possible? Well, all you need to do is use the same primary keyword in your pinboard’s title, add it to the description of each pin and lastly, add them as a #.

Conduct a Free Market Research with Pinterest

Pinterest is extremely valuable as a post-distribution strategy, but did you know that using it can also spark amazing ideas for bylined article topics and trend releases? You can easily use the platform to know what’s being liked and repinned. Next, all you have to do is create a pinboard around a currently favoured topic and optimize it for search. Lastly, all you need to do is support the pinboard with an expert or trends opinion PR that links back to your Pinterest board. By doing so, you can easily have buzzworthy content on a very popular topic.

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