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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Basically, a rate of converting a lead into a customer on your website. The goal of this is to increase the conversion rate which in turn means more customers. Easy, right? Not really, this process actually takes a bunch of time to understand the customer’s dislikes and likes, are they following your sales funnel process and where are they dropping off.At White Hat Marketing, our specialty is getting the most amount of traffic to your website but we are also consultants following proven best practices to convert the most amount of that traffic into paid customers. Your website should be your best new lead generator on your team and it’s our job to do that for you.We follow the same time-tested process for each one of our clients.

Target Market

Before a website can even be constructed, it is essential that you understand your target market top to bottom, know the competitors, the offerings, price point and where business is done (in person, over the phone or online). This sounds pretty obvious however it is something that we see missed a lot of times. Businesses come up to us and just tell us to rank them at the top of Google, however, our obvious question back at them is “for what?”. In order for us to do our job properly, we need to better understand what you do, where you do it and who you do it for. Once that is in place, we look at digging a bit deeper.

Understanding Your Consumer

Now that you know your market, it’s time to better understand the demographics that want to buy from you. How old are the type, are they usually male or female, do they have kids, what are their typical interests, are they business owner or managers, do they have the ability to make the decision, and so on and so on. Building this out will help you define the little things on your site that will help to convert them. Think about it your interests when on Google, what are your expectations when you land on a site that may have what you’re looking for? What are the small details that help convert you into a buying customer? Take note and use those same techniques to win over your customers.


After better understanding your market and the typical type of buyer that would buy from you, you need to determine what are the best call-to-actions that will get those potential leads into buyers? The obvious ones of supplying a phone number, entry form or email are typical across most modern websites however it’s the small ones that just as well. At the end of almost every piece of content is a link call-to-action always urging the end-user to just get in contact or buy the product online.

The Difference Between Visual Distractions and Visual Directions

Using Call-To-Actions are definitely essential to turning a lead into a sale, however, there is such a thing as a distraction. This is a balancing act, from getting the customer to take action to keep the engaged with your content while not annoying them a ton because you are constantly asking them to do something. When it gets to a point where the site is too distracting, it’s time to hit the reset button and start over.

Converting Landing Pages

Now that you have an idea of what is required to increase the Conversion Rate, it’s time to start splitting the experience into their own pages. Almost all websites get their traffic on the home page and then redirect them appropriately from there. The idea with Landing Pages is that a more custom message can be sculpted for additional landing pages depending on where the user came from and what they were looking for. If you are selling multiple different types of products or services, somethings it might be a good idea to have a landing page focus directly on one of those products so that when a user lands on this page with that particular product highlighted, there may be a better chance of conversion.

Rinse and Repeat

Now that you have figured out the formula for success around conversions, it’s not a good time to remain stagnant, we will help you constantly improve upon this process to try and capture as many leads as possible and convert them into sales.

Frank Lumsden
Frank Lumsden
Howbiz Solutions was fantastic to work with and could improve our SEO. They were so knowledgeable
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John Thomas
after having different web designers and built, this is our best result by far, website looks amazing, fast and easy to use, they are easy to communicate with and very representative, highly recommended
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Keith Laurenza
Very impressed with the service, happy to recommend to anyone

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