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Looking for Content Writing service in Toronto , Need breakthrough copy for your website , blog or digital campaign ?

Content Writing Services That Captures Your Brand

Words can be powerful and persuasive. We’ll make sure your words are saying the right things to your customers.
Whether you need SEO content writing, creative hero pieces or just general high-quality copywriting, we have the skills to suit.

SEO copywriting

Around ¾ of marketers agree that content creation is the most effective SEO tactic there is. And a search quality senior strategist at Google has suggested that content quality and link-building are the two most important signals for ranking.
Working alongside our in-house SEO experts, our website copywriters will incorporate the right keywords into your copy, without sacrificing its integrity or appeal. Because there’s a lot to gain from getting your onsite content just right.

Blog and website copy

We can engage your audience with a variety of content formats and copywriting services.
From the most basic of product descriptions to the most detailed of blog articles, there’s a content format perfect for meeting your business objectives.


Quizzes give you great brand exposure, and they can be leveraged as competitions with lead-capture forms.
Engaging. Shareable. Data. What more could you want from a piece of content?


Our team of designers can achieve that extra level of engagement and reach with world-class static and animated infographics.
We turn boring data and how-to guides into visual masterpieces that can be used as link-building assets.

eDM campaigns

There’s more to effective eDM campaigns than dodging the spam filter. We create the material people want to read.
And when an eDM can have an ROI of up to 4,400%, it’s worth giving your customers something to read.

Press releases

We’re not just website content writers. We also happily handle offline copywriting tasks, such as press releases.
Our team can swiftly and strategically piece together the right messaging for your big news item or product launch.

Why choose Howbiz Digital Marketing Agency for your content writing?

Your average content writer might incorporate some SEO keywords. Perhaps they have a knack for crafting smooth copy. For us, these are the absolute minimums.
Pushing beyond the ordinary, we’ll develop the creative material you need to break through the clutter.

Content with commercial results

Content isn’t just fluff to fill up your website. When well-written and strategic, blog content can have a tangible impact on your bottom line.
With existing clients, we’ve found that blog readers can be up to 6 times more likely to convert into customers compared to non-readers, and that these same people can spend 1.6 times more per purchase than the average customer.
Content has real value. The numbers prove it.

You'll love working with our content team because:

We understand copywriting

All our writers have a wealth of experience in professional copywriting. From snappy headlines to captivating body copy, our team’s work is guaranteed to keep your audience engaged. All our content is proofed and edited in house and held to the highest standards

The content we write generates genuine results

By understanding your key conversion metrics and target audience, we can tailor your content to match your objectives. Our writing delivers real results for your business, not just pointless words on a screen.

There are no hidden costs

All of our content prices are listed up-front, and will remain that way through our entire agreement.

Our writing matches your brand

Our writers can unite industry phrases and terminology with the perfect tone to professionally and consistently represent your brand through all of its written communication.

We have a dedicated in-house team of writers

Our in-house team takes care of all strategy, ideation, writing, perfecting, and delivery themselves. No element of our content (not even editing) is outsourced.

We're quick, professional, and friendly

The key to delivering great content quickly (2-week turnaround for most projects) is simply loving what we do – and we do! Give us a call today and find out for yourself.


Want to learn more about content writing?

I want content, but I don’t know what kind I need. Can you help?

Absolutely. We’ll do some research and brainstorming, then we’ll pitch our suggestions to you. There are no two cases alike, so our team have mastered the art of concept ideation and creation.

What if I have my own in-house writers?

We’d love to work with them. Our team is happy to help in any capacity – whether that’s aiding with concepts, editing, or helping with projects too large to be handled internally.

My business is in a highly technical niche. Will that be a problem?

Not a problem at all – our team have plenty of experience blending into the terminology of the most intricate of industries. We’ve delivered content writing for websites covering just about any industry you could think of (well, almost). It’s all about presenting your brand in the most appropriate manner, whether that’s appearing as the foremost industry experts or a lighter angle.

What if the content needs changes?

Our service generally covers 2 rounds of revisions, so please don’t hesitate to tell us if there’s something that needs to be revised or reconsidered. Your feedback is always welcome.

How much does this service cost?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as proposing a set figure. We don’t offer a single service, nor do we sell pre-determined service packages that lock you into products you don’t need. We quote each client on the work they need, and how much time it will take to fulfil.

It’s worth noting, however, that long-form content (1,000+ words) consistently outranks and outperforms shorter pieces. So the more you invest in content, the better the results we can achieve for you.

Is all your content writing SEO-friendly?

Absolutely. Everything we write is guided by SEO principles, with advice as needed from the experts in our organic search team. With the right keywords in mind, we can incorporate the most effective terms into our SEO content writing in a discreet and engaging way.

We'd love to delight you with our writing.