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Content marketing strategy and planning

We always strive to find a path towards a truly user-centric strategy. While keywords are important, our work is tailored to your audience first and foremost. Because if our content doesn’t inform, entertain and convert readers, it doesn’t really matter how much traffic you’re getting.
We’ll deliver detailed content plans/editorial calendars so you always know how we’re going to take the right steps forward. Our planning stage also includes identifying outreach opportunities, setting up reporting metrics, and selecting the right amplification channels.

Consumer profiling / audience insights

To get the most out of your marketing budget, you need to know what turns your website users into prospects, leads, sales, or foot traffic. This all begins with data.
Our industry-leading consumer profiling includes population-wide demographics, consumer behaviour insights, and detailed onsite analytics. Using this data, we build a picture of your customers and competitors – a vital first step in creating a content strategy to suit your audience and business goals.

Content creation

A content marketing agency doesn’t get very far without actual content. Our in-house team of writers and designers deliver a wide range of world-class content pieces to ensure our strategies can be fully realised. From blog posts and curated content, to quizzes and infographics, we do it all.

Social and native amplification

Social media is often the best tool for ensuring your content makes an impact and gets the traction it deserves. We’ll develop a detailed plan and schedule for your posts, which includes writing witty captions and managing amplification budget.
We also offer social design and performance social campaigns to complement...

Content performance insights

We’re always looking for ways to enhance our strategy and content pieces. For example, we might find certain pages of your website have a stronger impact on conversions – so we’ll create content to suit. Or some topics might be earning far better social traffic than others – so we’ll adapt your strategy to match.
Our findings can often have broader implications for other aspects of your business too, such as informing you of a new topic your customers find interesting or a new way people are using your products.

Enriching your other digital channels

When you integrate it with your other channels, you’ll discover just how irreplaceable content marketing is. For starters, the right strategy can complement and enhance your SEO tactics (keywords and audience engagement is a killer combination).
Content strategy can also provide your paid media campaigns with useful audience information and retargeting lists, while arming your social and email campaigns with creative ammunition.
While data is helpful for your content strategy, your content marketing can also feed into your data. The traffic your content drives provides more data points for analysis and further optimisation of your multi-channel digital mix.

Content for a real audience…

Don’t settle for blog posts no one will read. Our content ties in with our SEO best practices and amplification strategy to create real content with real presence. This means your content can gain traction organically where possible and with a strategic paid strategy when required.
Even revamping and republishing old blog articles can increase organic traffic by over 100%. This is the kind of quick win, big win avenue that our content marketing strategists will investigate for your business.

…with a measureable ROI

Marketers who invest strongly in blog content are around 13 times more likely to see positive ROI from their efforts.
So we already know it’s valuable, but we want to know the specifics – and we’re sure you do too. Our strategists can identify the actual conversions created by our content marketing, calculating your ROI in detail.

Our content marketing process


We’ll mine data on your digital performance, and that of your overall market. We can clearly show where content can help meet your business goals.


With the right data on hand, our strategists can dictate which content we create to meet your targets. Whether you need quizzes, blog articles, product descriptions or anything in between, we can find the right solution.


Our team operate under the philosophy that no written content is above editing and improvements. We constantly check each other’s work to keep standards as high as possible.


With engaging content and a plan set, we can arrange amplification of your content. Paid or unpaid, our content has the strongest possible chance of meeting your objectives.


We don’t turn our heads once content is live. We keep a close eye on the data and measure the results of your campaign against your initial business objectives.


Armed with new insights from our content’s performance, we head back to the beginning (well, almost). Each month, we’ll update our strategy and plan new content pieces to capitalise on what we’ve discovered in the month before.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable content to your audience in order to attract and retain them, ideally resulting in positive consumer actions.

Your typical content marketing plan will involve:

  • Clearly defined objectives
  • A clearly defined audience
  • Great content that commands attention
  • Consistent delivery of that content
  • Means of measurement
  • Persistence, perseverance and motivation – content marketing requires effort over time if you want to be successful.
Can you measure the impact of content marketing?

Absolutely, that’s why we set clear objectives for your content from the outset. We’ll continue to measure the performance of your content and provide clear feedback on what it’s achieved.

Does content marketing help SEO?

Yes, a solid content marketing strategy can influence website engagement metrics, indicating quality content and user interest.This tells search engines that your website is a trusted source of information for readers, and will help improve the site’s overall SEO performance.You can also use content to answer more specialised queries in the form of long-tail keywords, which may be less competitive than highly commercial keywords (as well as helping to qualify your traffic).

I’ve only got a limited budget. What can I do?

We understand that businesses have different circumstances and goals, and that’s why we work with each of our clients to produce customised content plans. We can still add great value to your business even if you have a limited budget – we may just need to scale our activities to suit and possibly stagger our plan over a number of months.Have a chat to a member of our team to find out how we can develop a content marketing strategy to fit your budget.

Does content marketing replace other marketing activity?

Not at all – the marketing mix will vary depending on your product or service and your target market. Our content strategists can help you work out how best to integrate and scale your content marketing.

How do you measure the ROI of content marketing?

If driving revenue is one of your key objectives for content marketing activities, it’s often best to break this down into bite-sized elements. If you can divide this large and rather unspecific goal into smaller pieces based on consumer insights, you can attach value to user actions and focus your activities on driving those positive interactions.Once you’ve specified those, it gets easier to identify relevant metrics that you can then track over time.


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