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What is CMS?

CMS – Content Management System is a software that you can build your website on. There are many open-source ( free ) systems available for use. The main functions of cms are: maintaining security of your site, managing objects, servers, auditing, maintaining reports. Basically, it will allow you to maintain your whole website with an easy and user friendly interface. You’ll be able to add new content to your website like posts, articles, news, pictures etc without any web developer knowledge.

What is CMS

Do I need cms for my website?

We strongly recommend to use cms for even very small websites as this will give you options and flexibility to improve and upgrade your website in the future and it will save costs of your website maintenance.

Which cms should i choose?

As I said before there are many of them available and you can pick whichever you want, but you need to find which one will be the best choice for your website. It all depends what kind of products and services your company provides and what you want to achieve by putting your business online. Below we specify couple of the most popular content management systems that we are using at Howbiz :

  • WordPress ( recommended by Howbiz Solutions ) – this cms used to be a blogging platform but now it becomes a very flexible and powerful content management system with hundred thousands free plug-ins available.
  • Woo-Commerce: WooCommerce is an open-source E-Commerce plug-in for WordPress. It is designed for all size online store using WordPress
  • Joomla – is your next option, it has lots of features as well, but we would recommend using WordPress or cms made simple instead.
  • Magento – is an e-commerce software for online shopping websites. We recommend using this cms for your website to provide online store functionality to your clients.
  • PrestaShop : is an E-Commerce web site builder to set up and manage your online store. You can create your online store with Prestashop and start to sell online!

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