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What to Ask When Choosing a Google AdWords Consultant

Choosing the right Google AdWords consultant can make or break your business. It’s essential to find someone who not only has the technical knowledge to navigate Google AdWords, but also the tenacity to keep pace with your competitors.

If you’re not sure where to begin when looking for skilled Google AdWords management in Toronto, knowing what questions to ask is an essential part of the process.

Does the Google AdWords consultant know their stuff?

Toronto Google AdWords Consultant

Instead of launching straight into the nitty gritty details of AdWords management, start with the basics. It’s a promising sign if your consultant can answer the following fundamental questions with ease:

  1. Can landing page load times impact my quality score? – Every AdWords consultant should understand the importance of ensuring your landing pages load quickly.
  2. Should I use ad extensions? Designed to motivate potential customers to visit your site, ad extensions can work wonders for your CTR (click through rate). Knowing how to make the most of ad extensions is an essential AdWords skill.
  3. What are some of the newest AdWords features I should be taking advantage of? Your consultant should be able to tell you all about the latest AdWords updates.
  4. What should I include in my ad copy? A knowledgeable AdWords consultant will know a strong call to action can mean the difference between a successful campaign and wasting your marketing budget.
  5. Should I worry about what my competitors are doing? Your Google AdWords consultant should be eager to look into what your competitors are doing, as competitor analysis is a key element of effective AdWords management.

If you’re satisfied your AdWords consultant has the basics covered, you can move on to more in-depth questions.

Will they go above and beyond for you?

Toronto Google AdWords Consultant

Google AdWords consultants aren’t that hard to come by, but finding someone who’s willing to go the extra mile is no walk in the park. Not sure how to spot the difference between a mediocre consultant and an AdWords wizard? Ask some general questions to gauge your candidate’s commitment.

Ask: How often will you update me on results?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Once a month. 

Most consultants manage multiple accounts simultaneously, but that’s no excuse for leaving clients in the dark. If your consultant seems reluctant to maintain regular contact, consider this a red flag.

  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: Once a week.

The best consultants provide detailed reports on a monthly basis, with regular catch-ups in between. Things can change quickly in AdWords, so it’s crucial your consultant be contactable. We’re not saying they have to be available 24/7, but being prompt with replying to emails is always a good sign.

Ask: Will you run any split-tests?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Maybe, if you insist.

Even if your consultant is confident they already know which ads will work best, how can they be sure without testing them?

  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: Yes, absolutely.

Constantly testing ads to ensure their effectiveness can help refine your marketing.

Ask: Will I have access to insights?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: No, we have to keep those private.

Even though insights can be extremely valuable, not every consultant is willing to take the time to explain them to clients.

  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: Yes, of course. 

Good consultants recognise the mutual benefits of giving clients access to insights.

Ask: What do your reports look like?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Your reports will offer an overview of your AdWords performance without going into too much detail, because you probably wouldn’t understand those insights anyway.
  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: Your reports will offer an honest and detailed account of your AdWords performance. They’ll cover every aspect of your account, including campaigns, URL performance, ad group performance, geographic performance and other essential insights. However, we’ll customise your report to be as top-level or in-depth as you need, and we’ll talk you through it so you understand what every part means.

Will they understand your business?

Toronto Google AdWords Consultant

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to Google AdWords won’t work, so it’s key to choose a consultant who really gets your business. Ask these questions to make sure your consultant is capable of offering a personalised service.

Ask: How will you choose which platforms to advertise my business on?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Sticking with the most popular platforms is always a safe bet.
  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: By looking at the individual characteristics of your business and your long-term objectives. We’ll probably start by running multiple platforms simultaneously so we can see which one delivers the best results, and then we’ll focus on the top-performing platforms.

Ask: What metrics will you use to measure success?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Metrics like the number of clicks your ads are getting and your conversion rate offer a simple way to measure success.
  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: Measuring success with CTR (click through rate) is a good place to start, but looking at what happens after someone clicks on your ads is just as important. For example, how does the user react once they land on your website? Do they complete the full purchase funnel?  What’s your cost per conversion? These metrics provide a more thorough measurement of success.

Ask: How will you identify target audiences?

  • An OK Google AdWords consultant will answer: Catering your ads for a broad demographic is a foolproof way to reach target markets.
  • great Google AdWords consultant will answer: By using a wide range of targeting techniques, including keyword research, location and language targeting, device targeting, and remarketing.

Note: Even if a Google AdWords consultant gives you satisfactory answers, it’s still important to trust your instincts.

Take a moment to think about how confident the consultant was while answering your questions – did they seem genuinely engaged, or where they just telling you what you wanted to hear?

And remember, you shouldn’t be the only one asking questions; your consultant should be just as curious about your business as you are about their AdWords abilities. A great AdWords consultant will ask about your goals, budget, competitors and other aspects that could influence your performance.

If you’re looking for someone to manage your AdWords account, contact Howbiz Solutions to speak with our expert consultants today.

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  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or case studies to get a better understanding of the consultant’s experience and success rate.

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