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Why you Should Trust a Locally Based SEO Agency

Perhaps the most obvious reason to choose a recommended local SEO agency in Toronto is because they know your area and your competitors. This means the more local, the better. In bigger cities such as Toronto, it can feel like a whole other town just a couple of suburbs away.

Customers want local. Unless they are buying products online, they are most likely searching for businesses which are in their home town so that they can come in to visit. 86% of people use online searches to find businesses near them, and 82% of all people who follow up on their search do so with an in store visit. The days of the Yellow Pages are over, because a quick search is so much more productive and efficient. By targeting just your city instead of the entire country, you are able to ensure more of your audience will be your target buyer. In fact, 1 in 3 searches include a place of some sort, whether it is country, city or suburb.

Local SEO agency in Toronto

Google is responding to this preference of their users. After all, they try to improve their functions wherever possible when they see a trend arising. Have you noticed that the latest algorithms have included priority of local places? If you type in something generic, such as ‘restaurants’, Google will use your present location and after the top ranking two or three organic searches, list an array of local restaurants you might enjoy.

One important factor in a successful SEO strategy is being better than your competitors. An outsourced, over the phone SEO business will not be able to understand your competition in the same way that someone can face to face. It is important that you can communicate your knowledge of other brands’ marketing angles to your specialist so that they can market you differently.

Targeting local audience

Not everyone fully understands the complexities of SEO at first glance. It is common for newer clients to have questions about exactly how to do something, or about what they can do without undoing all the hard work that has been put in. Mistakes of this kind can be quite damaging, and set you campaign back by weeks. A local company can be contacted during regular business hours, and often consulted from time to time in person when you have a query.

SEO specialists in Toronto

By finding a great company you know is from Toronto, you can Google search ‘Toronto SEO’ to see how successful they are. If one of the main goals of an SEO agency is to get rankings on Google for their clients under keywords, then they should be able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. This little test is one way of seeing whether the business is good at what they do. Likewise, being a local you should be aware of some of their other clients. Are they big names, or people you have never heard of? Reputable brands means that the business gets good enough results that they attract the big names. You can also probably take an educated guess at what some of these may be listed under, and take a look at whether they are ranking. This little bit of investigation can help you sort out the worthwhile from the wastes of time.

As a general statement, local businesses tend to focus more of their efforts into customer service, as they know that their reputation rests with their local customers’ satisfaction. Trust the high ranking SEO specialists in Toronto at SEO Toronto, who can be contacted at Howbiz Solutions

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