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The Benefits of a WordPress Blog for SEO

There are millions of blogs in cyberspace, some that are completely useless, some that are in lists of the most top visited sites in the world. One thing is clear however, when it comes to SEO, a blog is a very valuable tool that in my opinion is under-utilised by many businesses as part of their Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

The Benefits of a WordPress Blog for SEO

Even if your website is built on another platform using a different CMS, you can still add a WordPress blog to another directory in your site and build out this component. Here are the top reasons you should add a blog to your website for SEO purposes:

  • The recent Google Panda Update saw many large blogs experience increased search visibility, with the WordPress and Blogger platforms experiencing overall growth from search. This tells us that a blog is an asset for search, it’s seen by the world’s largest search engine as a valuable content source, so you should definitely make use of it.
  • Quick indexing is another great benefit of using a blog on your website. If you want to push out content fast, particularly on industry news or announcements, a blog is a fast way to get this live and indexed.
  • Internal linking adds weight to the pages within your site in a similar fashion to external link building strategies. Regular blog posts with targeted anchor text links will help to increase the authority of pages within your site and therefore your rankings. Being that it is indexed quickly, you can also utilise links within blog posts to assist in having new site pages indexed quickly.
  • Targeting new key terms is also a function of blogging that should be utilised. For a services based business it might not seem relevant to create entirely new site pages on a specific topic, however a simple informative blog post may be all that is required to drive traffic for a new set of key terms. Finding opportunities through keyword research is the best way to explore the gaps in your market and produce relevant content.
  • Trust and credibility are also key factors that will help to increase conversion, particularly in high value purchasing decisions such as expensive products or specialist services. Consumers visiting your site are more likely to trust your business if you establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority and provide them with valuable information.
  • Link bait is the last reason I’ll give you to add a blog to your site,or make more use of the one you’ve got.  Link baiting is a strategy used to gain backlinks from relevant websites that like what you have written about. By posting related industry insights, news or generally entertaining or interesting facts, you can have your articles referenced by related sources, delivering backlinks to your pages and increasing the authority of your site.

There’s plenty more reasons that you should use a blog for, but they should be enough to convince you it’s worth doing. Take the time to plan an SEO and content strategy that includes a blog and you will reap the benefits.

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  1. A blog can also increase trust and credibility with consumers, making them more likely to convert on your site. Additionally, it can serve as a great link bait strategy to gain backlinks from other relevant websites.

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