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Marketing Dashboards

Imagine a fully integrated data visualisation hub for tracking your digital performance. Every channel, website, campaign and data reference collated into a single source. The cross-platform questions that would typically take hours of analysis… answered in the click of a button.
Your tailor-made dashboard will enable our Paid Media, SEO and Content experts to provide richer insights into how your strategy is progressing. It’ll also save us hours on reporting, which means we can spend more time on meaningful activities for your account.
All the information in our marketing dashboards is updated to the last hour (almost in real-time), so we can identify trends and troubleshoot issues quickly. No more waiting for an outdated report to reveal a problem after it’s too late to fix it.

Tag Audits

We’ll investigate behind the scenes of your website to see if any tags are pulling down your performance. This simple (yet often overlooked) piece of digital housekeeping can uncover redundant tags and ultimately increase your site speed. And with loading speeds playing a crucial role in your user experience and organic rankings, investing in a tag audit is always a smart choice.
The findings of our audit will be delivered in a clear tag map, thanks to our data visualisation techniques. These maps are insightful, detailed, and easy to understand. Actioning them is easy too – simply tick yes/no for each tag based on whether it’s still needed on your site or not.
As an extra benefit, a tag audit can ensure you’re not still sharing data with providers you no longer work with (i.e. providers who are no longer legally bound to use your data in a way that serves your interests).

Attribution Modelling

Attributing success isn’t so simple in digital marketing. Some channels serve a more supportive role, pushing users through the funnel without actually being the final touchpoint. This is why the traditional last-click attribution model is often unhelpful, especially when looking at channels that can’t be measured this way (like display and prospecting)
.When you work with us, we’ll tailor an attribution model to match your business structure, strategy, and goals. This could involve using Google’s proprietary non-last-click model, or even customising the advanced ‘Markov chain’ model we have access to via Toronto Digital Marketing Agency. We’re not biased either way, so we’ll work out which model will give you the most accurate and useful attribution data.
Our key goal with this modelling is to rate each marketing channel (e.g. SEO, AdWords, PPC, content marketing) within the environment where they really perform. This ensures we (and you) can see the true value each of your channels is providing to your business.

Touchpoint Analysis

Touchpoint analysis goes one step beyond attribution modelling to answer a key question: Is a particular campaign playing a role at the start, middle or end of the user’s journey? This post-campaign analysis can provide valuable insights for optimising future campaigns. It can also be implemented at milestones during longer campaigns to understand and optimise performance.
What kind of insights can this analysis provide? As an example, if a campaign was focused on brand awareness, a touchpoint analysis can verify whether you mostly attracted top-of-the-funnel traffic. Conversely, if you’re running a remarketing campaign, you’ll be able to check how many of your visitors were indeed at the end of their purchase journey.

GA Audits & Custom Tracking

Our team works in Google Analytics on a daily basis. This experience and expertise makes it easy for us to explore your GA account and make sure it’s set up correctly. We’ll tell you where your account structure is already in line with best practices and show you how to improve the parts that aren’t quite there yet.
When reviewing your Google Analytics account, we’ll also consider your business’s unique needs. This allows us to potentially recommend some custom tracking implementation for your site, which will ultimately improve the relevancy of the information you see in GA. This is especially useful for sites with a strong focus on ecommerce or content marketing, as these require some customisation to create truly comprehensive reports.

Integrated Audience Data

Our team can build a first-party audience engagement repository, which acts as an interim DMP solution. This allows us to enhance our pixels with prior audience actions, developing a greater understanding of who exactly is visiting your website.
This audience integration product allows us to achieve some phenomenal insights. For example, we could potentially connect signals from your CRM (such as profitability or past purchases) and integrate this information with your online audience. Such audience data can then enhance our PPC and AdWords campaigns, allowing us to bid higher and more frequently to serve ads to the most valuable potential customers.

Integrated and centralised

How are your AdWords variants comparing to your paid Facebook campaign? Which devices created the lowest cost per conversion from your PPC strategy? Is there a correlation between users who engage on social media and website conversions?
We can integrate every aspect of your digital presence into a single marketing dashboard, saving you time and taking the manual labour out of reporting. The average marketer spends around 3.5 hours a week collecting and collating data. So you can see why our dashboards have proven worthwhile for several of our clients for their time-saving function alone.

Looks good and works fast (just like us)

This sleek, state-of-the-art, interactive system delivers results and analysis of your performance as quickly as data could possibly be measured. Simply select the data you wish to gather, and the marketing dashboard presents it.
This is the revolution digital campaign managers have been waiting for: a truly comprehensive window into digital insights that your competitors can’t access.

Why you’ll love working with our Data & Analytics team:

More Than Dashboard Developers

Our marketing dashboards are user-friendly, but we're always here to help too. If there's a way to make your dashboard more relevant to your KPIs, just say the word and let our data visualisation experts make it happen.

Enterprise Partnerships

Being partners with big names in data (Google and DoubleClick to name a couple) allows us to get things done quickly and correctly, with implementation assistance and access to product specialists where required. These partnerships also enable us to offer our clients beta whitelisting opportunities.

Actionable Insights

Our data science experts provide you with deep findings that are applicable to your broader business. And our data visualisation makes it all easy to understand and implement.

Strategy and Implementation

We don’t just give you the numbers and leave you to your own devices. Our insights come with real, practical recommendations, which we’re here to help you implement.

Flexible Pricing

Want a Data & Analytics expert working for you month on month, liaising with both internal and external teams on various areas of your business? That’s great! But we also understand small businesses need to be agile – and we are too. So if it’s just a one-off micro-project you need help with right now, that’s fine as well.

Global Access

Being powered by Toronto Digital Marketing Agency, with its national network, certainly has some perks. We have access to tools, methods and case studies that have already been tried and tested successfully in other markets around the world.


Want to know more?

How can Analytics consulting help my business?

Analytics can answer several questions that you and your team might have about your business, such as:

  • Is the business making a profit?
  • Are particular campaigns making money?
  • Is a certain marketing channel providing real value?
  • What’s the right marketing mix for the company?

Questions like these need to be asked regularly, and they need to be answered with facts every time. Because as much as you might think your business is operating well, only data can truly validate this.

Analytics consulting also helps your business by shining an unbiased light on:

  • What you should start doing
  • What you should stop doing
  • What you should do more of
  • What you should do less of

Data can show you how to turn positive results into even more positive results, while at the same time providing valuable lessons from activities that aren’t performing so well. With an integrated marketing dashboard, clear data visualisation and clever people analysing your results, you’ll get greater insights – not just for your digital marketing, but for your business in general.

Our Data & Analytics team is uniquely skilled in seeing the bigger picture. We don’t let tunnel-vision narrow our perception to a single marketing area or period of time. This mindset lets us reveal the real results your business is achieving, because the numbers on the surface don’t always tell the full story.

Do I have to sign up for all your services to get an integrated dashboard?

Not at all. Our aim is to develop a fully customisable dashboard based on the data you want collated, not necessarily the services we assist with ourselves.

What should I invest?

Your investment will depend on your budget and the importance of the data and insights you need. We will work with you to develop a custom data visualisation dashboard to best suit your circumstances. These can be created quickly as a prepaid project or developed over time as part of a data retainer – we’ll do our best to work with your budget.

How do you report on performance?

The short answer is: comprehensively. We provide detailed reports, complete with insights and recommendations. Everything we deliver is visual and easy to understand, so you can spend less time puzzling over documents and more time implementing solutions.

What does a marketing dashboard look like?

Our dashboards look like what dreams are made of (well, the dreams of our data scientists, at least). Take a peek at one of our examples:

Curious about how it works or how we built it? Our Data & Analytics team would love to talk you through it. Reach out today for a chat.

Do I need to invest in Analytics consulting?

This depends on your business, your industry and your goals. If you feel like you’re often flying blind when it comes to key decisions or you’re looking for ways to get one up on your competitors, insights gleaned from data can often be the solution you’re looking for.

How do I get started?

With a phone call or an email. Contact us to find out more about our marketing dashboard and data visualisation services.

Data can be beautiful. Let us show you.