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Advertising Networks You Might Not Have Considered

10 Advertising Networks You Might Not Have Considered

One of the keys to building a profitable online enterprise is the ability to scale your business. You can reach a comfortable level using a small number of traffic sources, but there will always be a limit to your success. The biggest entrepreneurs know that when you have created a winning offer, finding every available traffic source is essential. While not every source will be profitable, thorough testing will let you narrow down to the best converting platforms. These platforms can then be optimized to gain the highest profit margin. The following advertising networks can help put your offer in front of countless targeted prospects.


Advertising Networks You Might Not Have Considered


Bidvertiser is a pay-per-click network that allows you to create targeted ads based around particular categories and keywords. There is no minimum spend to use the network; advertisers choose a maximum cost they are willing to spend, and are only charged when a person clicks an ad.


Clickbooth is a cost-per-action (CPA) network that provides traffic from a number of sources, including search, social, display, and mobile. Advertisers pay for leads or sales, with a large number of network affiliates driving traffic to the offer.

Propel Media

Propel Media use contextual textlinks and interstitial ads to drive traffic from around the world. There is a $1,000 minimum ad spend to use the platform, with a bidding system in place for optimum positioning.


Adroll is a retargeting network, delivering ads to people who have already begun engaging with an offer. They are able to show ads across a variety of devices, aiming to show the most relevant advertising at the optimum time. This results in a high conversion rate.


Advertise.com use contextual, display, and remarketing solutions to reach a targeted audience. Ads can be targeted toward any device, along with specific demographic details such as age, gender, and income.


BuySellAds has thousands of publishers in their network, allowing advertisers to deliver huge amounts of traffic. Individual sites can be targeted and campaigns scaled on a gradual basis. Various ad solutions are available, from display ads to sponsored content.

Site Scout

Site Scout uses a real-time bidding system to uncover the best advertising opportunities available across the major ad exchanges. A focus on targeting allows you to make decisions based on a wide variety of demographic data, while also choosing the type of ads and devices you want to use.


Outbrain places your content on quality sites and optimizes it for best results. Unlike the services previously mentioned, Outbrain promotes content instead of ads, so the type of traffic will vary. Prices are based on a cost-per-click method, with a minimum spend of $10 per day.


Taboola works with premium websites to publish sponsored content across relevant sites. By recommending content to extremely visible websites, Taboola can help a business build its brand, generate leads, and make sales. Each campaign can be optimized for a desired result, from brand awareness to email subscriptions.


Adsterra aims to offer flexibility to advertisers, with a variety of campaign options able to generate a high return on investment. With almost 200 countries represented within the network, Adsterra can help a business reach a targeted audience around the world. Advertisers bid for ad placement, with the highest bidder paying for each 1,000 ad impressions.

Every new traffic source requires tracking and testing before the campaign is fully optimized. It could be a mistake to use each network simultaneously, with the possibility that the traffic won’t convert for you. Instead, try to assess which networks might be appropriate, implement your campaigns consecutively, and carefully monitor the results while optimizing. Gradually, you should see your traffic figures grow considerably, taking your business to a new level.

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