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7 Social media tools used by established brands

According to data from We Are Social, there are now over 2.3 billion social media users worldwide, with a growth of 10% from last year. This is a trend that many people will have noticed, but for online marketers, it exemplifies the need to focus attention on social media strategies. While social media might appear to be as easy as posting a few updates each day, in reality, it needs to be part of a wide-ranging content strategy to have any real impact. The following tools are used by the most successful online brands, all helping to plan, schedule, analyze, and post your content for the maximum impact.

7 Social media tools used by established brands


Hootsuite is an established management dashboard that is used by more than 10 million clients. Running campaigns across all social media platforms can be time-consuming, so a management system like Hootsuite can be used to run everything from a single location. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts, monitor engagement, review analytics, and many more functions. There are plans available for individuals, businesses, and larger enterprises, so you can potentially use the product as you expand your business.


Buffer is an alternative social media manager, with the ability to schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. The image designer uses the best practices of each site, so you can create attractive, formatted pictures that stand out on each platform. By crafting and scheduling your content, it is possible to reach the highest number of followers at the optimum time. Buffer also has a browser extension, so you can quickly share content as you browse the web.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social also offers social media management tools, with a primary focus on audience engagement. Smart Inbox is the name of the tool that monitors conversations across various platforms, creating a feed of relevant content for you to browse. This simple monitoring system can be used to find opportunities to engage people in conversation, find trending content, and deal with customer service queries.


Mention is a tool designed to find every mention of your brand across the web. This information is wide-ranging, but for social media, it can be used to deal with complaints and queries, find potential customers, and track your influence. The algorithm in Mention has been designed to only show you the most important information, so you can streamline your social campaigns to focus on productive data. Using the real-time data, making quick decisions is far simpler.


Creating a consistent flow of engaging social content can be tricky, but it becomes achievable when you can see what has been working for others. Buzzsumo tracks a variety of content types – articles, videos, guest posts, infographics, and more – that are being shared across social media. When you can see immediately what is being shared and discussed, creating your own relevant content becomes attainable. Buzzsumo also lets you see who the key influencers are, making it easier to build valuable connections in your industry.


Graphics are an important part of social media, with visual elements helping to give life to your posts. Even text sites like Twitter benefit from additional images, so you should always look for opportunities to include visuals. Canva is a simple site for creating graphics that are eye-catching and correctly formatted. Even with little experience, you can choose your image size, use an existing template, and edit it for immediate use.

Social Clout

Analytics have become a vital part of a sophisticated social media campaign. Seeing how many shares your content received is helpful, but you also need to analyze social reach, wider engagement, and conversion data. Social Clout can provide this information, but it also understands more complex information like the sentiment of your audience. Understanding how the broader audience is reacting to a campaign can give immediate and future benefits for content creation.

While there is still a lot of work required to run a successful social media campaign, these tools can all help to make the process simpler. Social media has become prominent in the lives of many of your customers, so streamlining your operations becomes integral. Try to integrate these tools into social media operations, creating a system that benefits both you and your audience.

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