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20 Link Building Tactics that Work

While many people will say that SEO and link building are no longer functional, it is only the people who refused to grow and change with time as both practices changed. Actually, SEO guidelines have been changing over the years, together with the tools and the content. These changes have made some people to lose interest and lack patience with these two online optimization techniques.

Just a few years ago, it was easier to buy ranking in search engines, but times have changed.  Link building is still viable, only that it is very complicated and much more advanced. You can learn helpful link building techniques about how you can make great links without affecting your search engine rankings negatively.

20 Link Building Tactics that Work

Below is a list of white hat link-building techniques. For these you will use minimal efforts and the cost is friendly too:

  • Writing/leaving testimonials

Using testimonials to build links benefits you as well as the business that you are appraising. Most companies allow you to say about the experience you had when you used their services and their products. It is also their way of nurturing trust with their customers. You can secure a backlink or two based on the relationship that you have built with them. There will also be more traffic to your site. Such kind of link is much more approved than your request in emails, since it will be coming from an already established player in the online business.

  • Create networks

If you want to be successful in link building, you must be ready to build relationships with other bloggers and web masters in your niche. These are the people who can sell you better and enhance your SEO. While it sounds a bit technical, it does not have to be a nightmare. It is possible to build contacts fast. All you need is to be a member of different social groups, support the content of a couple of blogs and participate in various forums. Do not wait until others engage you. On the contrary, be the first one to contact them. Make sure also that your remarks on different forums are relevant and engaging. As you participate on various discussions, the owners of the sites will take note of you and they will be willing to give you backlinks without much ado.

  • Requesting for backlinks

For starters, this is a great way of building your business or your job. Do you have relatives, friends, colleagues, clients and partners who already have a website? It may be a blog site or an online marketing platform. Request them to give you a backlink. For the best outcome, ensure that you request for backlinks that are found/placed inside the content, rather than one on the footer or somewhere on the sides. You should also ensure that the link is from a site that does something that is related to your business. Otherwise, it might not have the expected influence. In some cases, it can be detrimental to your website.

  • Establish a blog

You need to make an active blog site. You do not just post once with your link and then fold your hands. A blog site needs frequent posting of content and again, it must be relevant and interesting to command the attention of your readers. If you want to succeed in link building using blogs, it is necessary for you to post regularly. Secondly, your focus should be on your niche and most importantly, on the needs of your clients. As time goes by, if you follow the aforementioned guidelines, your blog site will gain grounds.  It is important to have relevant and informative content. This way, everybody who comes across your post will want to share it to their friends. It is a proven and effective way of gaining backlinks.

  • Create an interesting guest article

Most sites or blogs will allow you to publish a post on their sites as a guest post. It is important that you do not ruin this opportunity. Prior to writing any article, be it on a website or a blog site, it is critical to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The blog should match the content you want to post
  • The article should not be about your company or you as an individual
  • Quality should be at the peak – If you want people to read, engage and share your information, it must be interesting and informative.
  • You would rather not post than write a bad article
  • List your website in reliable directories

If you want your online business to go places, ensure that you list in dependable directories. Several of the existing directories, do not offer much to the web users. Even, Google and other search engines have scraped them from their search results. You certainly cannot place your site in such pages. All the same, not all of them are bad. Where you get one that allows you to use their link in your website and offers beneficial information to your clients, you should not hesitate to list your site with them. By listing your site in the right directory, your visibility in various search engines increases amicably. Hence, your potential customers are able to find you easily.

  • Revive your inactive backlinks

You may find some dead links on your site. This mainly happens due to two occurrences – Firstly, you might have changed the settings of your page, may be the location. Secondly, another person might have misspelt your link. If you click on such links, they are likely to provide you with “404 error” tag. Such problems may also arise if your site changed its original domain or it was re-launched. You are supposed to direct the links to another page. The Link Juice Recovery will help you to get back the broken links. It first furnishes you with a list of the dead backlinks. After the list is generated, you are offered with an .htaccess code that you feed into an .htaccess file.

  • Establish backlinks shared by your competitors

It is a fact that link building has become difficult for many people. Owing to this increased complexity in link building, there are certain tools that you can use to identify and create new top-notch links. One way of getting useful links is by stealing a leaf from your competitors. For instance, if you can evaluate all your competitors, you are likely to discover that they have some backlinks they share in common, and which you do not have. It is not going to alter anything if you too have them. All that you need is to find these backlinks and get a way to gain them too. You will not do this empty-handedly though; you need a tool to assist you. Common Backlinks Tool (CBLT) will really help you to get the links. It allows you to enter about 10 competitors and initiate your analysis.

  • Secure indirect backlink from competitors

Usually, some of your competitors may be linking to common sites. In most cases, these sites are big players in the industry. Thus, once you link to them, you are assured of a consistent flow of traffic to your site. What’s more, when you link to the site, your competitors provide you a backlink indirectly.

  • Create backlinks from mentions

This is one of the easiest ways to get new links. If somebody has written about you and mentioned your product or brand but they are yet to link to your site, you can easily make this to be a backlink. You only have to liaise with the webmaster and the deal will be done. How do you get the mentions? The fastest and the most convenient way of tracking these mentions is by creating a BLP report and sort out the results with every mention as the link status.

  • Analyze your competitors strong backlinks

The other way of securing backlinks is by finding out the healthy links of your core competitors.  In the year 2012, Google released the Penguin update. This demanded that you should not only have strong links but they must also be strong or otherwise, you will be penalized. The problem mainly is to get strong links but at the same time not risky. You can use Link Detox to analyze your strongest competitors. You could also use Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX), to do a comparison between the top 10 of your competitors for your site. Once you have the report, you can easily sort the backlinks by Power Trust or by DTOXRISK.

  • Find relevant ways of link building

There are various ways of building links online. For example, there are blogs, sites and forums, where you can place your link. This does not come easily but with the SERP research tool, you can easily find a relevant blog where you can write a guest article or a strategic forum where you can follow links. The tool is made to enable you to find relevant and strong links. The beauty with SERP is that you are guaranteed of getting links that have authority in the market.

  • Keep your eyes open for new backlinks for your competitors

It is important to stay focused to notice when your competitors takes a new move. It is the only way of remaining competitive in the game. This can be difficult since competitors always guard their information jealously. Nevertheless, with Link Alerts, you will be alerted about new backlinks. The same can be used to track your competitors’ back links. It not only helps you into finding new backlinks, but it also gives you a chance to access vital information that you could use in your business. You get an email notification twice a week, and you will hardly miss any critical information if you are keen. This ensures that you manage negative SEO issues and remove the links that can be risky to your site.

To secure your links, your content must be of high quality. Most probably, you have seen and heard of this on the internet. For Google to include you in their search results, they must ensure that the content will be beneficial to their users. Google looks at your site navigation, they assess the load speed, the design, complexity and keyword density among other technical features. They also evaluate your users’ experience, using CTR, the time they spent on the site and the bounce rate.  Hence, if you want more backlinks, you must strive to offer very good content.

  • Leveraging on the social media

You already have a running site and you have posted good content, but nothing seems to be working.  It is a normal occurrence- interesting content may not always guarantee high ranking. You need to do more. The best platform to push your agenda happens is on the social media. Nevertheless, great content in social platforms will not only give you new fans but you will be promoting to people, who can give you backlinks in return.  To make the most out of the social media, you should make sure that you update your social media pages and accounts frequently. This way, you will be able to attract more people to your site and reach them in varying time zones.

  • Use infographics

Long and sophisticated articles are shunned by most readers. On the other hand, a short one may not furnish the reader with the adequate information, thus lacking convincing power.  Fortunately, you can use Infographics as such allow you to use visual content to give the information that you want to pass along at a glance. They also grab the attention of readers and it is bound to go viral faster than any other form of content. If your Infographics are of high quality, large companies and influential people will use them. If a company decides to use the infographic without linking you, you could contact them and insist they do that.

  • Use lists when posting content

Most people are wired to lists. They are likely to read articles that contain lists. Use this cue to make people link with your site.

  • Make your content authoritative

No matter the level of your expertise and experience in a particular field, chances are that there are predecessors in that field. Use their reports and case studies to back up your content with figures and facts. Most people are likely to link to informative content. Nevertheless, try as much as possible to write content that has not been explored previously. You could also do your own research and present your findings.

  • Add in some other materials

Do not just rely on your content to build links, use other materials as well. These can include manuals, white papers, eBooks and guides. Using such resources helps you to gain more leads, and it is also a great way of showing your clients that you are an expert in the field.

  • Publish newsletters

Most companies do not see the need to publish newsletters. However, if they are designed well and they contain relevant content, newsletters are a good way of attracting readers. If the content is good, you can be assured that the people who read it will want to share it. This in turn boosts traffic to your site and increases the number of backlinks that you are going to get. Do not forget to include a call-to-action button in the online publication.

  • Never hesitate to learn from others

Since you are new in the industry, you may not have the skills of generating good content but you can learn from others who have made it big before you. There are many blogs and sites from which you can borrow a thing or two and try to gain backlinks in a short time.

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